Concept Cars

Mesa (KCD-2)

The MESA concept incorporates the toughness and sense of volume of authentic SUVs to fully cater to the preferences and needs of SUV devotees in North America. Other notable features include automatic torque transfer that allocates driving power among the wheels according to the road conditions and hill start assist that prevents the car from rolling backwards when it tries to pull away on an up or down gradient.

Multi S (KND-2)

The Multi S embraces the strengths of an MPV and an SUV. The 'S' in the name represents Sporty, Spacious and Smart. Its front pursues a modern and dynamic image, while the rear conveys a feeling of simplicity and spaciousness.


Jointly designed by Kia’s U.S. California Design Center and Namyang Design Center, the Soul represents Kia’s tremendous efforts to bring life to the car. Its iconic design combines excellent functionality that embraces straight lines and curves that have made it the winner of global accolades. Its SUV inspired, sporty and bold exterior is the most notable design point.


The Cee’d concept is a 5 door compact, one of the most popular segments in Europe. Based on Kia’s strategic model ED (project name) produced in its Slovakia plant, the Cee’d is intended to demonstrate Kia’s new design DNA. Its exterior features flowing lines carried through strong forms, while its interior creates a strong feeling of color.

Pro_cee‘d (KED-2)

Developed by Kia’ s Europe Design Center, the Pro_cee‘d is a compact 3DR concept that shows the future of a coupe type hatchback. Its coupe DNA has been stressed by maximizing its sporty image.


The Kue is a futuristic crossover utility vehicle that combines the toughness and sportiness of an SUV and the style and comfort of a sedan. Its sedan inspired clean body style and individual character lines add a high tech image to the car.


Sporty and stylish, the Ex_cee‘d is a compact soft top convertible hatchback developed by Kia’s Europe Design Center. It features a traditional and romantic folding fabric roof to complement the sporty image of the Cee’d.


Faithful to Kia’s BI of ‘Exciting and Enabling’, the KND-4 projects a dynamic, powerful character that exudes a strong sense of individuality. Designed to be an on- and off-road contender, the KND-4 expresses the individuality of the driver aggressively with metallic colors. Kee(KED-4) KND-4 Ex_cee‘d(KED-3)


Developed by Kia’s Europe Design Center, the Kee features classic lines, but lays down very clear indications of how future Kia vehicles should look. Presented as part of a strong frontal design with distinctive headlamps and eye-catching LED cluster, the Kee features 20 inch large wheels, larger wheelbase and lower ground clearance to highlight its sleek and stylish profile.


The KOUP concept illustrates the future shape and evolution of Kia. Its simple yet bold and aggressive exterior is complemented by its realistic and sleek interior design. Its simplistic and sleek style coupled with taut profile designed to sprint highlights the car’s sporty and elegant shape.


The KED-5 is designed to exude an outdoor image that tells of comfort and convenience, even on rocky surfaces. An old, lived-in, leather finish is applied to the bonnet, the powered, folding roof and tailgate panel, plus the dashboard, door panels and steering wheel rim. The seats and the dashboard panels are designed to convey a sense of simplicity and moderation.


The concept Soul’ster is a Soul based 4 seat MPV with an open, canvas roofed top. Designed to be both vibrant and sporty, it appeals to active, young people looking for fun. The South East Automotive Media Organization of the U.S. named the Soul’ster the Concept Truck of the Year in 2009.


Kia N° 3(KED-6)
The car brings all the features and strengths of a highly versatile MPV into the urban compact class, combining up-to-date mobility with individual style. An extra-large panorama glass roof extends directly out of the windscreen and stretches all the way to the rear spoiler for excellent all-round visibility.


The Ray concept is Kia’s first hybrid to combine futuristic style and new green technologies. Designed with light-weight, but rigid and recycled materials, it redefines what an eco-friendly car should be. Modern style and green technologies are fully substantiated in the body.


The POP is an electric concept causing no emissions that represents Kia’s vision for the urban transportation of the future. Unconventional features of the POP include the striking side-window design and the high-tech feel of the dot-patterned grill and rear lamps.


Conceived as a modern-day “activity van,” the KV7 concept combines the practicality of a minivan with the sportiness of an SUV, challenging the notion that vans are strictly for family transportation. It received global accolades including the 2011 IDEA Award.


The Naimo is an electric vehicle that gives the feeling of stability and luxury, while featuring a number of striking design details including a short hood drawn from a rectangular shape and a wrap-around windscreen with a design motif from the unique Soul. Charging takes about five hours using a regular household power outlet, but special quick charge systems can charge the batteries in just 25 minutes.

Kia GT(KED-8)

The GT is drawn from the idea of a grand touring car that can serve as both a luxury sport sedan and high performance vehicle suitable for long range road trips. The radiator grill sharing Kia’s family look and the powerful looking LED headlamps interact in harmony to exude a grand, bold and masculine image.

Track'ster (KCD-8)

The GT is drawn from the idea of a grand touring car that can serve as both a luxury sport sedan and high performance vehicle suitable for long range road trips. The radiator grill sharing Kia’s family look and the powerful looking LED headlamps interact in harmony to exude a grand, bold and masculine image.


The CUB is an urban 4-door coupe that stresses practicality and driving performance. Featuring the signature Tiger-nose grill and Korea’s first two LED headlamps, the CUB boasts of a rich sense of volume coupled with a unique hood design, highlighting the compact, vibrant and bold posture.

Niro (KED-10)

As a crossover model with an eye for the compact car market (B segment) of Europe, the Niro exudes a sense of luxury and features Kia’s signature Tiger-nose grill and wide headlamps as well as a butterfly door, an option usually adopted by supercars.

Cross GT (KCD-9)

The Cross GT is a luxury CUV concept car that features a prestigious and vibrant design and a hybrid all-wheel drive powertrain. Its hybrid system with maximum 400 hp and top torque of 69.1kgㆍm maximizes fuel efficiency while minimizing CO2 emissions. Other features include an 8 speed automatic transmission and electronically controlled all wheel drive.

Provo (KED-9))

The sleek, low, yet muscular coupe-style hatchback mixes a petrol-fueled turbo-charged engine with clever regenerative-electric motors to bring a smart-hybrid solution to this fun-focused concept that points to Kia Motors’ future B-segment expansion plans.


The KX3 concept blends an SUV silhouette with sporty looks, featuring a coupé-inspired glass area, small rear spoiler, gently rising belt-line and muscular wheel arches. Kia’s trademark ‘tiger-nose’ grille gets a new matte chrome-look surround, which sits below the concept’s wraparound LED headlights. The KX3’s high ground-clearance and chrome-look body cladding around the base hint at the concept’s four-wheel drive capabilities and on-road stability. The result is a stylish, athletic-looking compact SUV, promising both a high degree of practicality and a great drive.

GT4 Stinger (KCD-10)

The GT4 Stinger is a rear wheel drive sport coupe created with a futuristic design language. Built with an eye toward weight reduction, functionality and pure driving enjoyment, the GT4 Stinger has re-defined Kia’s design philosophy for purity and simplicity, earning such global accolades as the 2014 IDEA Design Award.


The Novo concept is aimed at modern urbanites with stressful jobs and frantic schedules. The Novo establishes a calming, focused environment in which drivers can refresh and rejuvenate as they transition from one life commitment to the next.


Created for long distance driving, the new Kia SPORTSPACE concept has been designed for fast and efficient travel, with maximum comfort and minimal stress.


This concept car was developed by KIA’s U.S. design center as an off-road model for the SOUL. It features a nature-inspired design suitable for outdoor activities and robust driving power that enables driving on challenging surfaces such as snowy and mountainous roads. The e-AWD system delivers optimized driving performance that adapts to the surface conditions with responsive driving for a more stable ride on snowy and rough roads compared to the conventional 4WD system.

Telluride (KCD-12)

The Telluride, a striking three-row, seven-passenger, luxury SUV concept features a modern and upright shape, muscular stance, and state-of-the-art technology to care for its occupants.