The following three key phrases sum up Kia’s management philosophy: full accountability, realizing potential, and practicing humanity. These values are encapsulated in a single mantra: ‘Building a new future and realizing humanity’s dreams by thinking creatively and tackling challenges head on.’

Full Accountability

Realization Potential

Practicing Humanity

design directions

Kia has introduced a contemporary new look under the direction of world-class automotive designer, Peter Schreyer. You may be familiar with his work, including the Audi TT and Volkswagen New Beetle. According to Schreyer, ”Design gives a soul to the product and reaches the hearts of the people”.


As Chief of Design, Schreyer has developed a distinctly new, more contemporary look that is unlike anything you have ever seen from Kia. Design is the key to Kia’s new philosophy. ”Kia is a brand underpinned by quality and reliability. Now on top of that comes this emotional element of distinct design”, says Schreyer.


The simplicity of straight lines is one of the core factors of Kia’s design philosophy. Straight lines represent clarity, precision, and distinction, all of which are fully reflected in the attitude and process by which Kia works on design and, ultimately, substantiates into final deliverables. Kia’s design focuses on attaining long term loyalty from customers with non-complex, simplistic structures, delicate details of interior and exterior, and unique experiences that can’t be found in other cars.